Oracle uses Cloudera for Hadoop implementation


Oracle today announced a partnership with Cloudera in order to leverage its skills with the Apache Hadoop platform.

The tie-up will see Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) integrated into Oracle's latest hardware the Oracle Big Data Appliance along with Cloudera Manager software.

Both firms hope the inclusion of the open source software within Oracle's hardware will boost capabilities to analyse unstructured data, which in turn will help companies get a better view of their operations.

"The blending of Oracle Big Data Appliance with CDH and Cloudera Manager is a natural and highly complementary fit," said Mike Olson, co-founder and chief executive (CEO) of Cloudera.

"Together, our products form an exceptional solution that is poised to transform the marketplace."

Although it won't be a hosted system, the appliance has companies without the in-house skills to build their own Hadoop environment in mind, giving them all the software and hardware to analyse big data in one box.

They will also get support from both firms, with Oracle taking on any kit issues and Cloudera handling Hadoop problems.

The hardware for the Oracle Big Data Appliance includes 18 Oracle x86 Sun servers, 216 processor cores, 864GB of memory and 648TB of disk storage.

The Oracle/Cloudera partnership comes a few days after the official launch of Apache Hadoop version 1.0. Although the project has been around for six years, it was only decided at the end of December it was enterprise ready and a formal announcement was made to the press last week.

Ross Kelly
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