T-Mobile announces 'UK's first' fully unlimited deals

iPhone 4S

T-Mobile has claimed a first for the UK, launching a range of deals with unlimited calls, internet and texts.

Those who sign up to the Full Monty deal will not be restricted by fair use policies either, meaning they will be able to use as much data as they like, T-Mobile said.

The plan will be available from 1 February.

"Over the past two years, we've seen a rise in mobile internet use of over 250 per cent, which reflects the consumer trend of being 'always on' wherever they are," said Ben Fritsch, head of propositions for T-Mobile UK.

The allure of a free phone (as opposed to paying 49 for the iPhone 4s on 3) is also a powerful one.

"However, consumers also still want to retain a more personal level of communication by calling or sending a text."

There are four different Full Monty deals. The cheapest is 36, which does have one restriction in limiting calls to other networks to 2,000 minutes.

That deal comes with a free iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SII or HTC Sensation XE for free, or an iPhone 4S 16GB for 99.

The priciest deal stands at 61, which gives the user an iPhone 4S 32GB for free, or an iPhone 4S 64GB for a 29 fee.

All deals keep the user locked in for 24 months.

"A 'kitchen-sink' price of 36 for a hefty number of minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile internet makes T-Mobile's Full Monty offering a truly stand-out package, both in terms of freedom of use and value for money," said Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com.

"The allure of a free phone (as opposed to paying 49 for the iPhone 4s on 3) is also a powerful one."

Rival operator 3 also offers its own unlimited deal, known as the One Plan, which has a lower cost than the Full Monty.

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