Webcast: CIO strategies for IT consumerisation

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It's been a generation since the first workers to grow up with personal computers at home entered the workforce. Two decades ago, this new generation of workers helped fuel the massive expansion of business computer use and the productivity gains that ensued.

History is almost repeating itself. The first new knowledge workers raised with the internet are starting to graduate from college and entering the workforce. When these workers learned to read, the World Wide Web and email were in a period of mass expansion and commercialisation. They were in elementary school when the dot-com boom peaked, and in college as social media and smartphone use exploded.

Already, the expectations of a new generation of workers are resetting and refocusing the CIO agenda. As social media becomes a foundational component of work life and corporate collaboration, as new mobile devices and application platforms proliferate, and as more employees work from home, traditional corporate policies on personal computer usage, data security, and application usage are quickly becoming antiquated.

What's more, the rise of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system has become an interesting trigger point for CIOs to take a deep re-look at the applications in their environment.

The result is the rapid consumerisation of IT, resulting in new opportunities and challenges to the organisation. Join this webcast, brought to you in association with Dell, to learn about:

*The trends shaping the future of enterprise mobility;

*Recommended policies for the workforce;

*Recommended use of key technologies to enhance productivity and overcome challenges;

*Migrating to Windows 7 to gain a strategic view of the business;

Date:Monday, April 30, 2012

Time:14:00 CEST (08:00 am EST)

Duration:60 Minutes



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