Dell-Intel shed light on SMB attitudes to server virtualisation

Bigger and better

More than half of the companies within the 25-100 employees bracket said they already used server virtualisation. Meanwhile, a further 41 per cent said they plan to in future.

The highest rated benefits cited by the group were "faster and cheaper back-up and disaster recovery", "reducing total cost of ownership", and "simplifying maintenance without impacting computing power".

Ian Masters, sales director at disaster recovery vendor Vision Solutions, said server virtualisation can help firms of all sizes cut costs and improve resiliency.

"However, it depends on how large the customer is as to how much value they can really achieve," he said.

"For SMBs, virtualisation can mean that they see more value from a server deployment as they can host multiple systems on one or two physical machines, as well as making it easier to deploy a full disaster recovery approach," he added.