Windows 8 user interface renamed Modern UI

Windows 8 Start Screen

Microsoft has confirmed its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 user interfaces will now be known as 'Modern UI', following threats of legal action over the original branding.

The re-branding has cropped up on the registration page for the Windows 8 DevCamp.

Microsoft insists the Metro name was only ever a working title.

The distinctive Live Tile' interface, which is optimised for use with touch screen technology, was originally marketed as Metro UI' (user interface). However, the computing giant was hit with a copyright infringement compliant from a German retailer, Metro AG, at the beginning of August.

Microsoft insists the Metro name was only ever a working title. However, many industry watchers are sceptical of this claim, due to the amount of effort Microsoft put in to seeding the name in marketing materials and online.

For end users, the change of name is likely to be inconsequential. Thanks to its innovative use of colours and the Live Tile design, the interface is already easily recognised and familiar to consumers and the Metro' to Modern' name swap may even go unnoticed by the majority.

The Windows 8 operating system will be released to the general public on 26 October.

Microsoft will not only be launching the operating system, but will also enter the hardware market. The firm plans to launch Windows 8 hybrid tablets known as Surface. These will offer users the choice between Intel and ARM chipsets.

Jane McCallion
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