Spooks, snoopers, and the Communications Data Bill

With most social networks, and even Google, giving the option for smartphone users to turn on location tracking, both the privacy and compliance concerns are very real, as are concerns about where the data will be stored, and how they will be protected.

"The draft Bill raises a number of questions around a user's basic right to privacy, and also a number of wider issues that will warrant a good look," says Peter Gooch, a director in Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services Practice.

"Additional areas that may need to be addressed are cross-border issues, for example. Many European citizens cite concerns rightly or wrongly - about their data being sent to certain countries, such as the US, for fear that their data may be accessed by those governments' agencies for apparently legitimate reasons. This move could potentially put the UK on a similar footing."

If, as several commentators suggest, the Bill is redrafted, this is just one issue that will need to be considered as will the possible costs to the UK's internet economy.

Stephen Pritchard is a contributing editor at IT Pro