IT Pro Leader Board: If I ruled the world...

Conversely, which technology/tech company are you glad you didn't create and why?

"I'm glad that I didn't invent road speed cameras. But in a more 'tech' environment, I'm glad that I didn't create IPv6. Everyone knows that the current internet is creaking under the weight of network addresses that are difficult to manage and which are no longer available.

The next version of the IP protocol, IPv6, addresses so many pressing requirements for the coming internet of things, but I would be crying into my pint at the pub as I see the solution to the current ills of the internet being released piecemeal and seeing the reason for the internet's success (easy implementation) becoming one of the reasons why the new solution stumbles on, apparently unloved and seemingly poorly-implemented.

I can imagine a long-in-the-tooth network administrator bemoaning the redundancy of their subnetting skills, but I would be so frustrated if I had created IPv6 and had to listen to people complaining about IPv4's problems and not addressing them."

Mark Evans, head of IT, RLB

"The Blackberry Messenger. Blackberry is a relatively closed premium platform focused on business users primarily offering push email to people who can afford to wait the few minutes for their email client to pull the mail down.

Using this platform shows you are the kind of person who knows nothing about how mail works but needs this kind of 24/7 instant service.

Then Blackberry Messenger was launched, allowing users to swap instant messages, videos and images with anyone else on the network - a great idea you would think. The new features hooked in the youth market in their millions. However, fashions change and they moved on to iPhones and Android.

The problem is that the business users are also moving on. While it was once an exclusive business platform and the phone to have if you were a sales manager, now they won't be seen dead with one."

Bill Strain, CTO, iomart


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