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Spurred on by the pandemic, digital transformation has become a core business aim for many companies both in and out of the tech sector. When it comes to handling data on a massive scale, especially when such data is sensitive, compliance is key. The insights from data analysis can be priceless for business growth, but require careful strategy in order to be properly implemented.

This week, we talk to Nicola Wadham, Chief Information Officer at the Financial Ombudsman Service, about the specific digital transformation work she’s been leading, and the importance of properly streamlining data flow.


“When people talk about technology, it's always the context in which you're deploying is, that is the difference between just a piece of technology that you can put in, and a piece of technology that you can put in and use, and really exploit. And it's that final mile, I mean, which I want to draw out and talk about that final mile of, yeah, I've put some technology in, and it's really singing. You know, the implementation is one thing, but the actual value, and the transformative change of that technology is a whole other road, and the two are equally important.”

“You have to consider more points to get a process to flow through, because you’ve got to change your digital channel, make sure your non digital channels are keeping steps or the customer experiences safe, make sure you don't upset your automation fees, the case work's all linked in, and flow it through. So, it's a more complicated change to make, and a more profound thing to decide. So you need that additional layer of governance, with a small 'g', and understanding and collaboration.”

“It certainly feels and looks more like an efficiency and service for a journey, because I'm not selling anything to anybody. There's that whole layer in a retail space, where you're trying to identify what they're looking at, where they're clicking, you know, I'm interested in where they're clicking to make sure that journey is as smooth and lovely as possible.”

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