Avis chooses AWS for connected car analysis

Avis business car hire

The Avis Budget Group and AWS have teamed up to create applications and services that they say will provide operational enhancements for Avis, as well as creating a better smart city experience for customers.

Avis will use the AWS cloud platform and its Connected Vehicle Solution to create a data analysis system that integrates machine learning, artificial intelligence and data management to track inventory, mileage of vehicles and maintenance. This means that the business will know the condition of each of its fleet and staff will be able to make sure there can be more cars on the roads rather than in the garage.

"Our connected car data is manufacturer agnostic, meaning we have the ability to analyze data across makes and models, and our worldwide footprint gives us access to all corners of the globe," said Arthur Ordua, chief innovation officer at Avis Budget Group.

"The platform we built leveraging AWS's connected vehicle solution gives us advanced data management and scalable analytics capabilities for our connected car platform. We now have the ability to scale up based on demand and our data is backed by AWS's software and massive infrastructure, so we have access to new insights-driven tools, storage resources, and first-class security."

Not only will this benefit the company, making sure it can generate more revenues by keeping cars on the road, it also means customers will be able to hire the cars they've booked, without having to compromise and they can rest assured the car will be delivered to them in the best possible condition.

"For public and private organizations who choose to partner with Avis Budget Group down the road, we'll be able to provide access to anonymized connected car data through our connected vehicle platform with the support of AWS. This could help create future vehicle innovation, new products, and services for connected travelers and inform smart city planning, like road condition and traffic volume data," added Ordua.

The Avis Budget Group explained it chose AWS' connected car platform because it's a secure and scalable, meaning any data collected is protected and AWS also supports the car hire firm's quest to create a standardised virtual environment, with consistency across the operating systems, programming languages, web application platforms and databases used by the firm across the world.

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