Vine debuts new messaging system

Video sharing tool Vine has updated its app with a comprehensive messaging system.

As a result, users can now send Vine messages to other members of the service or anyone else in their contacts. Traditionalists can also send text messages through Vine.

Vine users receive the messages directly within the app. It will fall back onto SMS or email if you try to send Vines to friends without accounts.

The Verge claims one user's Vine showed a new "upload" option that would allow them to add previously existing videos into the service.

Vine currently requires all clips to be filmed within the app, though that rule has been circumvented before.

Vine has been expanding from its roots as an iOS-only video-sharing service, and added an Android app last year.

Its rapid growth has run it into trouble, though, with a pornographic Vine accidentally ending up on the Editors' Picks. In light of that, the service ended up banning all explicit content.

The video messaging capabilities move it into the same space as competing apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp. Competing with them could be difficult, especially now that Whatsapp has Facebook behind it.