How MSPs build outperforming sales teams

How MSPs build outperforming sales teams - whitepaper from Liongard

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Owners of early stage MSPs often wait too long before hiring a sales team, resulting in stalled growth or a stressed-to-the-limit CEO. To get serious about growth, MSPs have to become laser-focused on improving their sales and building a performance sales team.

In this definitive guide, several sales experts in the managed services industry, including Liongard’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Slutskin, share their best advice about how to:

  • Crank up the revenue growth engine
  • Create a well-designed, intentional sales process
  • Build a high performance sales team of BDRs, new reps, and account managers
  • Motivate and encourage your team to close more business
  • Design compensation plans that make your business and your sales reps rich

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