TikTok to hire 3,000 engineers in major global expansion

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TikTok has revealed plans to hire 3,000 engineers across Europe, Canada and the US over the next three years.

The popular short-video app is pushing on with its global expansion despite continuing uncertainty over its ownership, according to Reuters.

US president Donald Trump ordered parent company ByteDance to divest TikTok amid concerns over the safety of the personal data it handles. Last month, Trump gave his "blessing" for Oracle and Walmart to invest in TikTok but there hasn't been any official developments since.

A judge will consider whether the government is legally allowed to ban downloads of TikTok from American app stores on 4 November, which ByteDance has warned would effectively stop it operating in the US.

However, the firm is still pushing ahead with its expansion plans within the country. The company has revealed that it will add more engineers to its base in California, where it currently hires some 1,000 workers.

"To support our rapid global growth, we plan to continue expanding TikTok's global engineering team, including adding approximately 3,000 engineers in Canada, Europe, Singapore, as well as the US, over the next three years," a TikTok spokesman told Reuters.

Despite choosing a US-based international headquarters, the company is also planning to hire a series of graduates in the UK next year.

The firm is looking for a new university relations recruiter in London, according to The Telegraph, as it wants to hire graduates for at least nine roles due to start in 2021. These roles will focus on areas such as machine learning, content development, and creative strategy.

TikTok's parent company ByteDance is reportedly seeking 30,000 sq ft of office space in London as it plans to treble the number of people it employs in the UK to 1,000.

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