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Top data science bootcamps for 2022

Learn how to level up your skills and land a career as a data scientist

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Data science represents one of the fastest growing and best paid fields in the tech industry, and for good reason. Each year, demand for skilled professionals capable of making sense of data and extracting insights increases, something which is not slowing down anytime soon.

The employment of computer and information research scientists is projected to grow 22% between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to figures from the US' Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s a rewarding occupation in a number of ways, not just its high salary, but figuring out how to get started can be overwhelming, especially given the huge number of courses and boot camps out there that aim to equip new entrants with all the skills they need to thrive.

To give you some direction, we’ve picked out a handful of data science boot camps in both the US and UK to give you a sense of what to expect, with each entry being based on either their community reviews, their flexibility, or their contents.

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp

Cartoon depiction of a person using a laptop in front of the Springboard logo

Price: $9,900

Course link: Sprinboard Data Science Bootcamp

This boot camp features career support and a guarantee of a job within six months of graduating, or your money back.

Costing $9,900, this online course offers students the chance to learn how to program in Python, how to follow best coding practices, and start using an ecosystem of powerful Python-based tools. There is also a topic on data wrangling, working with different file formats, from plain text, to CSV, to JSON.

Students will also master the basics of inferential statistics and parameter estimation, use hypothesis testing to determine if a phenomenon is statistically significant, and learn how correlation and regression can help identify useful features.

Part of the course teaches machine learning, using scikit-learn to implement supervised and unsupervised algorithms, as well as top ML techniques: linear and logistic regression, naive Bayes classifiers, support vector machines, decision trees, and clustering.

Students can also learn how to be a good citizen of the code base, with a focus on writing better code, testing and debugging, and working with production systems.

Flatiron School

A screenshot from a video showing the Flatiron logo

Price: $16,900 – with a $500 deposit

Course link: Flatiron School

This organisation offers boot camps taking place online, in Colorado Springs, Denver, and New York City. There are four phases in the course and a final data science project. Course lengths range from 15 to 40 weeks.

The course teaches basic Python programming, how to use Jupyter Notebooks, and also familiarisation with popular Python libraries used in data science. Students will also learn about data structures, relational databases, ways to retrieve data, and the fundamentals of SQL for data querying structured databases.

Phase two sees students learn about the fundamentals of probability theory like combinations and permutations, as well as statistical distributions and how to create samples.

In the final project, students work individually to create a large-scale data science and machine learning project. This final project provides an in-depth opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning accomplishments and get a feel for what working on a large-scale data science project is really like.

A particular course highlight is 180 days of 1:1 support with a dedicated career coach, which is meant to help students tailor their job search, practice interview questions, and build a personal brand.


A screenshot of a course homepage hosted by WeCloudData

Price: $12,500

Course link: WeCloudData data science courses

This course offers full and part-time Data Science courses in Toronto, Canada and is also available online. The course provides either a full-time, 12-week immersive Data Science Bootcamp, or part-time courses in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python for Data Science, and more.

The full-time course teaches the most essential skills required for landing a job and gives students the opportunity to build up their project portfolio. It includes three and a half months of immersive learning, three additional months of portfolio building support, as well as six months of job support after graduation.

The part-time course includes six months of part-time learning, as well as six months of job support after graduation. This course costs $8,000 (USD).

Both course boot camps see students learning how to apply SQL and Python to solve data problems. At the end of the boot camp, students will become an intermediate-level SQL & Python coder.

UK data science boot camps

Northumbria University, Newcastle

A building with the Northumbria University logo displayed, partially obscured by trees

Price: Free / $1,200 - depending on circumstances

Course link: Northumbria University Skills Bootcamp

This Skills Bootcamp teaches techniques in working with data to create insights that can support strategic business decisions. Course delegates will learn how to pull together data from different sources – both internal and external – and perform analysis that provides vital knowledge to improve performance.

This 16-week online course is mainly aimed at employers looking to upskill their existing workforce, as well as independent learners looking to enhance their skill set and earning potential.

It offers pre-recorded sessions that can be accessed when it's convenient as well as some pre-arranged live sessions and offline support.

Delivered as part of the Institute of Coding – the government’s initiative to embed digital skills across UK businesses – the courses are subsidised by the Department for Education. They are therefore free to attend for anyone who has been unemployed in the last 12 months, and £1,200 / employee for businesses (a 70% discount).

Cambridge Spark

An abstract image showing a data visualisation concept behind the Cambridge Spark logo

Price: Subsidised by UK Apprenticeship Levy

Course link: Cambridge Spark

This company runs a data science boot camp over a 14-month period that looks at Data Science and AI.

Students are supported by a data mentor, a personal coach, and the Cambridge Spark Faculty to learn cutting-edge skills and apply them in the workplace. For employees in England, the programme is funded by the UK Apprenticeship Levy.

Students can learn to identify and devise data-driven AI solutions to address business opportunities, automate and optimise business processes with data science, and gain the confidence to provide the sort of technical authority and insights that fit with the goals of their business.

The core curriculum provides learners everything they need in a data science role, and to meet all of the requirements set out under the Level 7 Data Science Apprenticeship. 

There are also Elective Specialist pathways that offer learners the ability to stretch themselves and specialise in new technical areas, such as software engineering practices for data scientists, software testing for data science, and machine learning in production, to name a few.

Data Science Bootcamp, London

A man participating in an online course while looking at a dashboard hosted by BrainStation

Price: £10,500 / £833 pm over 12 months

Course link: Data Science Bootcamp

Students begin this course by developing critical data skills in data analysis, business intelligence, and visualization. There is also some time devoted to working with relational database management software (MySQL) to model, structure, and manipulate data for analysis.

A subsequent unit helps build core programming skills and leverage data science tools to perform complex data analysis. There are also lessons in how to gather data from the web, complete data wrangling, and use code to perform analysis, build visualizations, and present insights to major stakeholders.

There is also an opportunity to learn about machine learning techniques and the chance to explore a variety of techniques and algorithms used as part of this subset of data science. This includes investigating a variety of industry tools used to build machine learning models and an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of applying machine learning concepts.

The course is taught at several locations around the world, including one at Shoreditch in the centre of London.

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