Best data science bootcamps for 2024

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Looking for the best data science bootcamps out there can be a tricky process, especially when your future and career prospects depend on it. 

Across the global workforce, many are opting to switch jobs and pursue a career in the burgeoning tech industry, and much of the current wave of interest can be attributed to the generative AI boom.

Recent research from BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, showed AI interest is fueling a surge in applications for digital apprenticeships across the UK, for example.

There are concerns that some jobs will disappear in the age of AI, however. But while some traditional data science roles will inevitably disappear in years to come, new ones will likely emerge and open up opportunities.

Going forward, data scientists who are AI savvy will be among the most in-demand workers across a number of sectors, from finance to healthcare and manufacturing.

So, if you’re looking to switch careers and become a data scientist, we’ve picked out what we think are some of the best data science bootcamps in both the US and UK to give you a sense of what to expect.


Our list of the best data science bootcamps has been populated based on a combination of factors, including community reviews, the convenience of each course, and whether they cater for absolute beginners or a current professional looking to up-skill or retrain. Our goal is to provide a broad range of options to give you a good sense the market today.

Best data science bootcamps in the US


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(Image credit: WeCloudData)

Price: $8,300 to $12,500

Course link: WeCloudData

Kicking off our list of the best data science bootcamps is a course offered by data and AI training academy WeCloudData, which hosts courses in Toronto, Vancouver, and both the US east and west coast. 

The package includes 14 weeks of study, followed by six months of project experience and building alongside six months of mentorship.

Lessons cover the basics of SQL, where students will learn to write SQL queries and use SQL and Python to solve data problems. This will equip them with tools needed to “be ready for the new economy”.

Courses typically run from September to January, and January to May. These currently cost between $8,300 and $12,500.

WeCloudData stands out for a couple of reasons. Not only does it have a very high candidate success rate (95%), putting more than 2,000 students into roles, it also operates a Women in Tech scholarship. 

This is aimed at boosting gender diversity and addressing underrepresentation; it can provide financial assistance to those recently laid off and looking to continue their professional development in the tech sector.

Flatiron School

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Price: $16,900 – with a $99 deposit

Course link: Flatiron data science bootcamp

Students on this course offered by New York-based educational organisation Flatiron School will start by turning messy, real-world datasets into analytical insights and interactive data visualizations using Python and SQL.

The next phase will involve using scientific computing tools, such as NumPy and SciPy, to produce high-quality data reports worthy of being published. The learning, which covers AI and machine learning, culminates in a final project.

Those who decide to study full-time will benefit from group work with the help of course instructors as well as lab time. Those studying part-time can access pre-recorded lessons, joining live lectures remotely whenever possible, and will be added to a Slack group where they can converse with classmates and course instructors.

Courses usually start at the end of October, and cost $16,900 with a $99 deposit. There are also scholarships available.

A reason to consider Flatiron School: Awarded best coding bootcamp for 2023 by Course Report, where it has an average rating of 4.5/5.

All students will also receive one-on-one career coaching for 180 days following graduation. Past graduates have gone on to be hired by the likes of Facebook, IBM, Shopify and Spotify.


A screenshot of the LunarTech website showing a data science bootcamp

(Image credit: LunarTech)

Price: Between $79.97 and $149.97 per month

Course link: LunarTech data science bootcamp

Launched in August, this online bootcamp from Austin, Texas-based LunarTech wants to make AI and machine learning accessible to everyone regardless of their technical expertise. Lessons covered are designed to help students grasp the fundamentals of statistics and machine learning and help them master A/B testing.

“We aspire to arm our students with the knowledge and skills needed to ace even the most demanding tech interviews, including those at FAANG [Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google] companies,” according to LunarTech’s LinkedIn.

The bootcamp costs between $79.97 and $149.97 per month – the top package offers students priority email support as well as free one-on-one career coaching sessions.

Those interested but unsure of whether to apply can book a 15-minute chat with one of the company’s advisors.


A screenshot of the Springboard website showing an advert for a data science bootcamp

(Image credit: Springboard)

Price: $9,900 upfront or $1,890 per month

Course link: Springboard data science bootcamp

Online learning platform Springboard’s program is self-paced, but it’s recommended that students complete it in six months. This requires devoting 15 to 20 hours per week, learning from more than 500 hours of articles, videos, hands-on projects and coursework.

“Our flexible, human-guided curriculum featuring advanced specialisation means you can learn when you want with support as you need it,” states the Springboard website.

Springboard was awarded best online bootcamp for 2023 by Course Report, where it has an average rating of 4.6/5.

Another bonus is that although the course costs $9,900 upfront or $1,890 per month, if you fail to be offered a data science job within six months of graduating, then you’ll get your money back.

Best data science bootcamps in the UK


A screenshot of the Brainstation website showing an advert for a data science bootcamp

(Image credit: Brainstation)

Price: £875 per month for 12 months / £10,500 one-off payment

Course link: BrainStation data science bootcamp

This London-based course from BrainStation kickstarts students’ data science journey by helping them hone critical data skills and learning to work with database management software MySQL.

Another unit covers AI and sees students explore a range of tools that can be used in building machine learning models. They also gain hands-on experience applying machine learning concepts.

Based in Shoreditch’s tech campus, students are in and around tech professionals and have the opportunity to collaborate with designers, web developers, software engineers and digital marketers. Students get to apply what they’ve learnt to a real-world business challenge posed to them by industry partners including Adidas, Google and Mastercard.

Courses typically run November to February, and January to April in both Shoreditch and at sites in New York, Miami, Toronto, and Vancouver.

The course has a healthy rating of 4.7/5 on Course Report and 4.8/5 on SwitchUp, which reviews and ranks bootcamps.

Cambridge Spark

An abstract image showing a data visualisation concept behind the Cambridge Spark logo

Price: Free (subsidised by the UK government

Course link: Cambridge Spark data skills bootcamps

Backed by the Department of Education and local authorities, Cambridge Spark’s crash courses are ideal for anyone who can’t afford to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a bootcamp.

“These government organisations have a vested interest in upskilling residents to address the local data skills gap and bolster economic development in their communities,” states the Cambridge Spark website.

There are currently two 10-week courses available to enrol on: essential data skills and data analytics. The latter provides the opportunity to learn how to process data using programming languages like Python and Pandas.

Not only does the course open doors for people otherwise unable to access tuition, Cambridge Spark also holds an average rating of 4.7/5 on SwitchUp.

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