(ISC)2 launches free scheme to get 100,000 UK citizens into cyber security

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Cyber security professional organisation (ISC)2 has launched its 100k in the UK scheme today, which is aimed at getting more skilled cyber security talent into the workforce.

The initiative will see 100,00 individuals in the UK able to apply for the 100k in the UK scheme, gaining access to a free self-paced education course for the (ISC)2 entry-level certification, and the cost of the exam covered too.

(ISC)2 hopes the scheme will help tackle the cyber security skills gap in the UK. The organisation believes there are at least 33,000 cyber security jobs in the UK currently unfilled with the figure rising.

“The cybersecurity profession needs the next generation to join its ranks now more than ever,” said Clar Rosso, CEO at (ISC)2. “Unfortunately, until now, individuals looking for their first cybersecurity job often do not know where to start, what to expect, or how to convince employers to give them a chance.

“To address this, we have developed the (ISC)2 entry-level cybersecurity certification to be a trusted endorsement of an individual and their foundational knowledge, skills and abilities. Through the 100K in the UK scheme, we are committed to giving 100,000 cybersecurity career pursuers the opportunity to achieve this certification for free, making a powerful contribution that positively impacts the UK’s cybersecurity workforce challenge today, not years from now.”


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According to the organisation’s figures, the cyber security industry needs to recruit at least an additional 10% more skilled workers to meet the current demand for talent.

The 100k in the UK program is open for applicants now and is open to all UK residents who do not hold an (ISC)2 cyber security certification.

Recent graduates, those undertaking a career change, and other current IT professionals looking to take their career in a slightly different direction are all encouraged to apply.

The entry-level course covers topics such as security principles, incident response concepts including business continuity and disaster recovery, access controls, network security, and security operations.

Access to the self-paced course is valid for 180 days and the voucher used for the free exam entry can be redeemed within 365 days from the date of issue.

Once the course is completed, candidates will become full members of the (ISC)2 industry body with access to even more resources to expand their skill set and build towards more advanced careers with the CISSP and CCSP exams.

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