Salesforce's healthcare cloud 'gives full view of patient'

Stethoscope next to keyboard and coffee cup

Salesforce has launched a new cloud-based service aimed at helping doctors and nurses improve relationships with patients.

It claimed its new Salesforce Health Cloud would help clinicians make smarter care decisions, engage with patients across their care-giver networks and manage patient data.

The platform enables healthcare providers to gain a complete view of the patient with integrated data from electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables and sources such as GP and hospital notes, according to Salesforce.

It follows the recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation in the US that has put more importance on improving patient care, with Salesforce claiming a younger generation is demanding providers offer more tech-savvy ways of managing their care.

According to its research, 71 per cent of millennials want their doctors to provide a mobile app to actively manage their health and 63 per cent would be interested in proactively providing their health data from wearables to their doctors, so they can monitor their well-being, though no number were available.

The platform was developed in partnership with leading healthcare companies, including Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center, UCSF and Philips.

It will also help clinicians with patient information in Health Cloud's Timeline view, which enables them to understand the progression of a patient's recovery. It will also include a Patient Caregiver Map that will provide details of the specialists involved in a patient's care.

Alerts will help care-givers can respond to issues in a timely manner, whether it is missed appointments or a need to refill medications, the cloud firm added.

Rather than toggling between multiple systems, care-givers make smarter patient care decisions directly from the console by browsing tasks matched to individual patients and quickly acting upon them.

It also uses Salesforce Chatter to help care coordinators review internal conversations taking place around selected patients, ensuring collaboration across the care network.

Finally, providers can easily segment and manage patient populations, such as setting reminders for patients with high-blood pressure to schedule regular check-ins.

“The era of precision healthcare is upon us,” said Joshua Newman, chief medical officer of Salesforce's healthcare and life sciences division.

“Just like we use precision medicine to target more personalised treatments for cancer and other diseases, precision healthcare is enabling our customers to develop more meaningful, accurate and long-term relationships with patients. Health Cloud is a huge step forward in our industry’s transformation.”

Rene Millman

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