Cisco purchases cloud-based

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Cisco has moved to boost its mobile collaboration efforts with the acquisition of The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

The deal is part of Cisco's bid to bolster its presence in mobility and cloud computing with's mobile collaboration platform. The platform provides unified document sharing, task management and team communication capabilities.

The firm said this platform allows the mobile workforce to collaborate with team members on projects. It enables users to instantly create virtual collaboration rooms where they can chat and share documents, notes, photos and videos. The platform integrates messaging, document sharing, and task management in a mobile app for iOS, Android and web.

Cisco business development senior vice president and head Hilton Romanski said that the acquired company has a "unique collaboration technology and a strong team of engineers with deep cloud, mobile, and web expertise that will help accelerate Cisco’s innovation in collaboration."

“Together, Cisco and Collaborate plan to provide a comprehensive solution that enables the mobile workforce to work smarter and more efficiently from virtually anywhere,” Romanski said in a blog post. “Collaborate’s cutting-edge technology and strong engineers as part of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group will help accelerate Cisco’s innovation in collaboration.”

Romanski added that the platform's "flexibility also enables teams to integrate collaboration and communication into their enterprise workstreams, as the application helps keep teams aligned and accelerates decision-making."'s founder and chief executive Matt Cutler said the deal represented "a natural evolution and acceleration of our vision for Collaborate".

"Together, Cisco and Collaborate will drive a comprehensive solution that enables the mobile workforce to work smarter and more efficiently from virtually anywhere," he said in a blog post.

Cutler move to smooth customer fears by adding that current Collaborate iPhone, Android and web apps will continue to be available and any changes to its mobile and web services would be notified of in advance to customers.

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