Gatwick Airport using cloud to boost ground services collaboration

Inside Gatwick Airport
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Passengers could soon be able to board planes quicker at Gatwick Airport thanks to a project that aims to increase the sharing of information between airplanes and ground services.

The airport is using a cloud testing service from Soasta to assess a cloud-based collaboration platform.

This project will share data between the airport and trusted partners to speed up aircraft turnaround times and improve overall customer experience.

Gatwick is the world’s biggest single-use runway and needs to innovate in order to improve response times and reduce delays.

Soasta’s CloudTest platform is being used to validate and verify the scope and scale of the initiative and help fine-tune the project as it progresses.

Michael Ibbitson, CIO at Gatwick Airport, said the airport’s success is reliant on its push to try out new ways of doing things.

“The current project is no exception but its success lies in having a dedicated set of partners to bring it to life. Soasta is a partner that shares our approach to challenging the established view and creating a new paradigm,” he said.

“Soasta’s CloudTest platform allows us to test capacity and robustness as the project takes shape. We are able to test with a degree of precision and accuracy that delivers measurable and actionable data within a very demanding timeframe.”

Tim Bisley, EMEA managing director at Soasta, said the airport's decision to embrace cloud will help improve the overall customer experience it offers.

“The innovation lies not merely in what Gatwick is seeking to accomplish at the airport but also with the foundation that it is creating for a collaborative system of working with airlines and other airport partners,” said Bisley.

“Cloud-based services lie at the heart of this innovation and it is the scope and scale of cloud-based technologies that makes this vision possible.”

Rene Millman

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