IT Pro Asks: What if the Carrington Event happened today?

Welcome to IT Pro Asks, a new series of monthly videos where we answer some of the biggest topics troubling IT professionals nowadays, plus some more philosophical IT-related topics.

This month, we ask what would happen if the Carrington Event happened today? A coronal mass ejection from the Sun that hit the earth in 1859 caused the largest geomagnetic storm on record, with subsequent auroras stretching as far as the equator.

Even though we have better surge protection in place today, global blackouts would be almost guaranteed. But just how bad would things get for a 21st-century Earth?

Next month, we're tackling a much more immediate problem: Should remote workers be paid less than their in-office counterparts?

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Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

Jane McCallion is ITPro's Managing Editor, specializing in data centers and enterprise IT infrastructure. Before becoming Managing Editor, she held the role of Deputy Editor and, prior to that, Features Editor, managing a pool of freelance and internal writers, while continuing to specialize in enterprise IT infrastructure, and business strategy.

Prior to joining ITPro, Jane was a freelance business journalist writing as both Jane McCallion and Jane Bordenave for titles such as European CEO, World Finance, and Business Excellence Magazine.