Intel launches 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processors

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Intel has launched its 3rd-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and claims they are the only data centre processors with built-in AI and advanced security capabilities.

Intel stated that the Ice Lake processor series, which are the first data centre CPUs built using its advanced 10nm manufacturing process, features new network optimised “N-SKUs” that delivers an average 62% more performance on a range of 5G and network workloads over the prior generation.

“With the buildout of 5G and the rise of the intelligent edge, network infrastructure and technology need to evolve. As the leading provider of network silicon, Intel delivers the most complete set of network technologies to transform the network, and fosters the broadest, most proven ecosystem so customers have more choices and can accelerate time to deployment,” stated the company.

The chip company also announced it has started sampling next-generation Intel Xeon D processors designed for space and power-constrained environments at the edge.

“We are further unleashing the capabilities of 5G and the power of the intelligent edge with our latest network-optimized 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors,” said Dan Rodriguez, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Network Platforms Group.


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“Designed to support diverse network environments, our newest 3rd Gen processors and platform ingredients enable global communications service providers to deliver the next breakthrough in network innovation for even richer consumer and enterprise use cases.”

Intel said the processors are the “ideal choice” for wireless core, wireless access, network edge workloads and security appliances. They are available with a range of cores, frequency, features and power to deliver lower latency, higher throughput and performance for service provider network transformation requirements.

Furthermore, Intel’s Software Guard Extensions integrated into the new processors enable “secure channel setup and communication between the 5G control functions”. The chip company claims that the built-in “crypto acceleration” can reduce the performance impact of full data encryption and increase the performance of encryption-intensive workloads.

Intel says every "top tier" cloud service provider will be offering services based on Ice Lake, adding that it's launching the chip with more than 50 OEMs building more than 250 servers based on the platform.

Last month, Intel revealed a new strategy to reinvigorate its business following a tricky 2020. The company’s recently appointed CEO Pat Gelsinger launched Intel’s “integrated device manufacturing” which will see the firm expanding its manufacturing plans as well as making custom chips for other tech companies.

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