Datrium introduces cloud recovery service for AWS

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Datrium's DVX VM recovery service is now available as a cloud-based solution for AWS-hosted VMs

According to Datrium, Cloud DVX, as the product is called, offers a simple way for businesses to back up their machines within a converged or hyperconverged infrastructure.

AWS is the first cloud-supported instance of Cloud DVX. It's a SaaS implementation that offers VM and vDisk backup and recovery for on-premises Datrium DVX systems, offering both de-duplication and forever incremental backups, which the company claims makes it cheaper to run than other cloud-based backup and recovery options.

"Cloud should be the new Iron Mountain, but it's not. Most cloud backup approaches are still complex, expensive and slow," said Brian Biles, CEO and Founder of Datrium. "Datrium's Cloud DVX recovery service is the first approach that really addresses these issues."

With a one-step setup, it's simple for organisations to implement, while Datrium manages the service availability and automated software upgrades to make it as easy as possible to use.

"As a financial services company, we need to retain data for up to 25-30 years for parts of our business and have been reliant upon tape to do so," said Daryl Dressler, infrastructure engineer for Datrium Cloud DVX customer Intuition.

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we needed to recover from tape held at Iron Mountain. However tape deliveries are best effort and with all the flooding that had occurred, the delivery trucks were unable to reach our data center for days. With the dedupe-aware efficiency of Datrium Cloud Backup for AWS, we can cost-effectively deploy it as a tape replacement and significantly reduce recovery time in these situations."

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