The IT Pro Podcast: Is the future multi-cloud?

Cloud computing is obviously here to stay; the economic benefits and improved flexibility of cloud architectures are well-documented, but more and more companies are choosing to move to multi-cloud architectures, rather than relying on a single provider.

In this episode, Adam and Jane are joined by staff writer Bobby Hellard to look at the growing multi-cloud trend, including what makes a solid multi-cloud architecture, why it’s growing so quickly and the benefits it can have for businesses, as well as looking ahead to AWS’ annual conference and what role (if any) multi-cloud is likely to play in its plans.

Elsewhere, we talk about why the Conservative party has resurrected its 2025 full-fibre pledge, Tim Berners-Lee’s efforts to fix the internet and whether facial recognition can save Uber’s London operations.



Conservative broadband plans

Tim Berners-Lee wants to fix the internet

Uber loses its London operating licence




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