Ennoconn and Google Cloud enter a strategic alliance

The Google Cloud company logo fixed onto an office building
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Ennoconn Group has forged a strategic alliance with Google Cloud to enhance its manufacturing processes.

Ennoconn will move its on-premise marketing, sales, and operations systems to Google Cloud to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Additionally, Ennoconn will use Google Cloud's data storage, analytics, and computing services to increase visibility across its design chain and supply chain, including manufacturing floor assembly, integration, testing, and packaging.

The partnership also aims to help Ennoconn develop new manufacturing products and services.

"We're driving to become an AIoT cloud-services company and to create new business models around Innovation Platform Convergence (IPC). Working with Google Cloud as our strategic partner for innovation, we will leverage its infrastructure, platform and expertise to advance our existing DMS workflow and develop new cloud-based products, services and solutions," said Steve Chu, CEO and chairman of Ennoconn.

Chu added, "By delivering innovative access to content and services in new combinations across multiple platforms, we believe we will disrupt the Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) industry and create value that differentiates us to our partners and customers worldwide."

The firm will also develop and resell equipment and solutions for Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Google's wearable computer for hands-free industrial work, and Google Meet, an enterprise video communications and collaboration platform.

Furthermore, Ennoconn plans to create Google Meet-compliant hardware and related products to serve its extensive customer base across multiple industries, including smart cities, finance, media and entertainment, and more.


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Lastly, Ennoconn will capitalize on its existing internet of things (IoT) embedded technology, DMS, IT and system integration services, and expand its digitalization-as-a-service (DaaS) strategy to provide innovative Google Cloud-connected manufacturing products and services.

"Staying ahead in today's hyper-competitive and globalized manufacturing industry requires leveraging best-in-class technologies to deliver value-added services. We're thrilled to partner with Ennoconn to accelerate its Digitalization-as-a-Service strategy, and to explore new solutions and services that have the potential to transform the design and manufacturing supply chain," said Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO.