AWS launches full managed container orchestration service

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of its fully managed container orchestration service: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere.

Developers can build and run applications faster and more reliably through containers while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing‌ ‌resource‌ ‌utilization.

The new Amazon ECS Anywhere, available as a feature within Amazon ECS, provides enterprises with a consistent tooling and API experience across their��� ‌container-based‌ ‌applications.

The new functionality enables businesses to run, scale, and secure containerized applications on-premises using the same APIs, cluster management, workload scheduling, monitoring, and deployment pipelines they have access to with Amazon ECS in AWS via a common control plane.

"With Amazon ECS Anywhere, customers no longer need to run, update, or maintain their own container orchestrators on-premises," explained AWS.

"Customers simply create an activation key to register their virtual machines or bare metal servers, install the AWS Systems Manager agent and Amazon ECS Anywhere agent on their on-premises servers, and then deploy and manage their applications with Amazon ECS Anywhere."

Siemens, Infosys, HCL, Gaggle, and Getir are among the early adopters of Amazon ECS Anywhere.

"Our clients are increasingly looking for the same experience of cloud managed services on their private infrastructure. Using Amazon ECS Anywhere, enterprises can take advantage of container elasticity, security and reliability on their on-prem environment with the ease of cluster management from a single pane of glass," said Shaji Mathew, executive vice president at Infosys.


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As with other AWS products, Amazon ECS Anywhere requires no upfront fees or commitments, and customers only pay for the services they use.

AWS VP of Compute Services, Deepak Singh, stated, "With Amazon ECS Anywhere we are proud to provide our customers exactly what they've asked for—a single service and control plane to manage their container deployments across AWS Regions, AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, AWS Local Zones, and customer-owned infrastructure, both in their data centers and at edge locations. Nothing else in the industry does that."