Deutsche Telekom’s net-based LAN service aims to transform network management

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Extreme Networks and Deutsche Telekom have announced a partnership to launch NBLS 2.0, a next-generation managed net-based LAN service.

NBLS 2.0 will provide customers with industry-leading monitoring, management and data insights to fuel digital transformation.

Telekom will leverage ExtremeCloud IQ, which is the only cloud management platform offering unlimited data access. Telekom also promises existing net-based LAN service (NBLS) subscribers free migration to ExtremeCloud IQ.

NBLS 2.0 is now available for customers, and its major benefits include:

  • Actionable insights: ExtremeCloud IQ supplies unrivaled insights and analytics powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help collect data to build, secure and maintain agile and distributed networks.
  • Streamlined and cost-effective network management: ExtremeCloud IQ reduces the complexity of managing enterprise edge-to-data-center infrastructure, so less time is spent managing and maintaining the network.
  • Data security: Data transmission between WLAN access points and ExtremeCloud IQ is encrypted and strictly limited to configurations and data monitoring.
  • Greater flexibility: Continuous updates, high availability, and advanced machine learning analytics and insights ensure network performance matches business expectations

With ExtremeCloud IQ, Deutsche Telekom will also assist customers in proactive monitoring and SLA compliance reporting at a reduced delivery cost. Additionally, subscribers can enjoy unparalleled insights on network activities and performance via one centralized management tool.

"Network flexibility, resilience, and performance are top criteria for enterprises selecting a managed network service provider. In the new normal, advanced cloud-powered network management solutions like ExtremeCloud IQ are essential in providing organizations with key insights on network activities and performance," said Camille Mendler, chief analyst of enterprise services at Omdia.

"Globally, a quarter of enterprises are increasing their managed network services budgets due to COVID-19."