Google engineers teach cloud training courses

Training on chalkboard

Google and Coursera have announced a training partnership that will help both individuals and businesses gain the skills they need to accelerate their cloud knowledge.

The courses will be taught by 'Google experts,' according to Google's head of cloud training delivery Louise Byrne, meaning the attendees will learn everything they need to know from the people who helped develop the platform.

They are designed to fill in the skills gaps in the UK and around the world, with training programmes addressing subjects such as cloud fundamentals, operations, security, data analytics, and machine learning.

The first course on offer within the Data Engineering on Google Cloud Specialization is the Big Data and Machine Learning programme, which will help those partaking understand how to use Gooogle Cloud for processing Big Data and how it can be used to accelerate machine learning.

"Making this training more accessible is a major step toward creating a network of skilled professionals who can utilise the latest Google Cloud Platform technology to create innovative solutions to their business challenges," said Leah Belsky, vice president of Global Business Development at Coursera.

"It’s also a major milestone in Coursera’s journey toward closing the global skills gap and empowering learners with career-relevant skills."

Coursera's cloud courses are designed for all knowledge levels, including beginners who are just starting to understand how the cloud can be used, right up to advanced cloud users. The company explained they are particularly useful for current and aspiring IT professionals and data engineers.

"By collaborating with one of the most innovative companies of our time, we’re able to offer applied, industry-specific courses that complement the holistic computer science and data science content created by our outstanding university partners in a single platform," Belsky added.

"It’s this unique combination of resources that allows us to empower learners everywhere, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, to transform their careers and their lives."

Clare Hopping
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