TES Global calls up Contino for help moving to AWS

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Contino has helped TES Global move to the public cloud, with a migration to Amazon Web Services.

Global digital education platform TES Global needed to improve operations as it experiences growth from the supplements it publishes such as The Times Educational Supplement and The Times Higher Education.

It decided to move from a private datacentre to AWS public cloud, enabling developers to provision servers and environments on demand, rather than having to commit to the capacity offered with on-premise solutions.

A key factor in the migration of TES Global to AWS was that it could keep its global network of 7m registered users online without any interruption to service, which Contino managed to achieve.

“A key part of the strategy was based around moving from a private datacentre to AWS’ public cloud," Benjamin Wootton, Co-Founder at Contino said.

"Efficiency and cost savings were paramount to this move, and we’re thrilled to have been able to help TES Global cut costs so dramatically. It was recognised by the leadership team that an AWS-based solution, combined with a DevOps approach, would be significantly more cost-effective to run than a datacentre or co-location facility."

The company chose to use Contino as its delivery because of its experience in moving other companies' infrastructures to AWS, on the same scale as TES Global demanded.

“Contino were instrumental in kick-starting the change at TES, we had very big ambitions and it was crucial that we bring in people who had already done it before.” states Clifton Cunningham, CTO of TES Global.

Clare Hopping
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