Oracle helps communications industry create better customer experiences

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Oracle has launched Digital Experience for Communications, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) management solution for the communications industry.

It consists of industry-specific applications to pull and analyze customer-interaction data from front- and back-office operations. Users will be able to better understand customers' buying behaviors and preferences to support the creation of compelling offers and products, improve customer service and increase sales.

"While every industry is unique, there is a common challenge facing all organizations: the need to unify data to address rapidly changing customer expectations," said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Cloud CX and Data Cloud.

"To help the communications industry solve its toughest customer challenges, we have brought together our CX and industry expertise to develop Digital Experience for Communications. This isn't a wrapper on CRM; this is a new solution that has been developed based on extensive customer feedback."

Digital Experience for Communications supports the TM Forum's Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs, which will enable users to integrate current applications and provide a more accurate view of customer and billing data.

Users will have access to data and tools for improving how they create service offerings, sell across channels, monetize services and provide proactive customer care. It also offers operations support, billing and revenue management, and communications charging.

"Swisscom is very focused on delivering innovative new digital services and making it easy for our B2B and B2C customers to interact and transact with us," said Alexander Mohri, head of strategy, Swisscom. "Oracle Digital Experience for Communications gives us the agility and rich functionality to transform the way we engage with customers, improve our employee experience, drive operational excellence, and reduce costs."

Digital Experience for Communications provides a comprehensive view of what customers have purchased, what they’re using and how they’re interacting with service and digital assistants. This will help users provide more relevant offerings to customers.

For example, if a customer could answer billing questions via their mobile service provider’s self-service digital assistant, Digital Experience for Communications will use this data to suggest a customized and targeted offering for a new voice and data package. It can then automatically complete the order and update network and billing systems in real time.

"Other solutions lack critical communication industry capabilities, such as large-scale order management and a TM Forum-based open architecture, leaving customers to cobble together pieces and build their own APIs," said Jason Rutherford, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications Applications. "Digital Experience for Communications integrates all of these components so service providers can focus their time on new opportunities, such as using the unprecedented volumes of data being created by 5G and IoT to fuel new business models."

Digital Experience for Communications is built on the Oracle Cloud infrastructure and offers two modules:

  • Launch: Provides a customer dashboard and business user tools for automatically creating and launching relevant products and promotions
  • Care: Provides natural language processing and digital engagement tools.

Within the next year, it will include the Buying module, which will provide data-driven recommendations to enable users to offer personalized omnichannel commerce experiences.

"TM Forum's Open Digital Architecture encompasses new approaches to strategy, customer centricity, and digital business operations that are essential in the next generation of 5G business models," said George Glass, vice president, Architecture & APIs, TM Forum.

"By adhering to the Open Digital Architecture and adopting TM Forum's Open APIs, solutions such as Oracle's can maximize the business and IT agility required for tomorrow's digital service provider."

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