Google Cloud launches trio of new database services

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Google Cloud is launching three database services across its analytical portfolio that aim to unify its data services.

Dataplex, Analytics Hub and Datastream are all 'previews' that aim to reduce silos and securely predict business outcomes in 'dynamic' digital environments.

Datastream is a serverless offering and replication service that enables customers to replicated data streams from Oracle and MySQL into Google Cloud products like BigQuery or Cloud Spanner.

The Analytics Hubs is a service where companies can create, curate and manage analytics tools. This includes sharing data insights, dynamic dashboards and machine learning models both internally and externally. Google said it builds on BigQuery's existing sharing capabilities, which have already proven popular with organisations.

The third new service is called 'Dataplex' and is described as an '"intelligent data fabric". It meshes the best of Google Cloud with open source technology to enables secure and rapid curation, integration, and analysation of data at scale.

"Data must be thought of as an ability that integrates all aspects of working with it," said Gerrit Kazmaier, VP and GM of Databases, Data Analytics and Looker, at Google Cloud. "Every industry is accelerating their shift of being digital-first as they recognise data is the essential ingredient for value creation and the key to advancing their digital transformation."

"At Google Cloud, we're committed to helping customers build the most powerful data cloud solution to unlock value and actionable, real-time insights, needed to future-proof their business."


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Equifax is an early user of the new previews, working with Google to incorporate Dataplex into the company's core analytics platform. The firm is hoping to simplify its workloads and build a single interface for policy management and governance across all its analytics data offerings.

"Google Cloud has been a critical part of the Equifax journey, helping us protect our customers' sensitive and proprietary data," said Bryson Koehler, Equifax CTO. "Google Cloud allows us to create a rich, unified and trusted data ecosystem between business units and partnerships - one in which everyone gains immediate value."

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