Gatwick Airport chooses Splunk to enhance customer experience

Airport waiting room
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Gatwick Airport has implemented Splunk's software platform to help in better analyse data to improve performance and the customer experience.

Splunk's software analyses information provided by the airport's customer touchpoints including its transit system, ground handling, airlines and security services, using this data to optimise how the customer moves through security and onto their boarding gate.

It can also inject outside sources of information into the process, such as passengers' social media activity, the Highways Agency and Network Rail to predict the pressure on resources ahead of time.

“Splunk Cloud enables our teams to closely monitor real-time performance through an easy to use dashboard which plays an important role in the smooth running of the airport,” said Chris Howell, head of business systems at Gatwick Airport.

“By monitoring a wide range of passenger information and performance data, our teams are able to stay ahead of the game and effectively deploy resources in real time to deliver an enhanced service for our passengers.”

The way the information is processed has enabled it to meet and exceed its targets of processing 95% of its passengers through security within five minutes

“Gatwick Airport is the model for airports worldwide, and ultimately, any venue looking to maximise efficiency while keeping customers happy,” said Shay Mowlem, vice president of product marketing at Splunk.

“Innovative organisations see machine data as a strategic asset to gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation. In this case, Gatwick is able to drive efficiencies by correlating flight schedules, passenger movements, ground team information and other operations data.

"It’s an exceptional story of innovation through analytics, and we are pleased Splunk Cloud can be the platform to help enable this kind of transformative change.”

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