The best VR apps 2019

The future is here. Let's have a look around.

Virtual Reality is a major trend at the moment, whether talking in consumer applications or business applications. It was even the main subject of Steven Spielberg's major Hollywood blockbuster 'Ready Player One', which is set in 2045 and focuses on VR software called OASIS a VR platform that humans turn to when their world becomes so desolate, they seek solace in an artificial one.

But VR is equally as important in the real world. It's often used for gaming, where people can use it to escape from the everyday grind, entertaining themselves with an alternate reality. Although the technology has largely been associated with gaming, it's not all about shooting zombies or flying spaceships.

There are apps to immerse yourself in a story, apps for creating Art, for travelling without actually leaving your sofa, there are even apps for getting more out of popular video streaming sites the possibilities are endless.

Read on to see our pick of the best apps around for a quality virtual reality experience.

Cisco Spark VR

Cisco Spark VR breaks down physical distances by enabling teams to communicate, regardless of their location. Whether colleagues are thousands of miles apart, or just around the corner from each other, virtual reality kits make it possible to meet and collaborate in digital form rather than send countless emails or messages to each other.

It includes features such as Cisco Spark Spaces for group chats, sharing files, a virtual whiteboard, video chat and instant messaging. To use Cisco Spark VR you'll need an Oculus Rift headset and an existing Cisco Spark account.

PlatformOculus Rift
PriceFree (requires Cisco Spark account)


The New York Times has used virtual reality to put its readers at the centre of stories they have covered. The publication pushed the frontiers of journalism by reporting on the US presidential race and the Syrian refugee crisis in an immersive 360-degree fashion with the NYT VR. The app posts new VR films every month.

PlatformGoogle Cardboard

Tilt Brush

If you want someone to understand both how impressive VR can be and that it's not just for games, Tilt Brush is the app to show them. The concept of using VR to create three-dimensional paintings is a simple one, but put it the right hands and the results can be truly astounding.

PlatformOculus Rift, HTC Vive


YouTube has - by far - the largest library of virtual reality content around. All of the videos on the platform can be watched in VR in a virtual theatre, and it also supports 360-degree video, allowing users to upload their own VR footage. The content itself might not be revolutionary yet, but if 360-degree video is ever going to go mainstream, YouTube is where it'll be.


Google Earth VR

The beauty of VR is that it can take you to strange and faraway places. This doesn't have to mean distant galaxies though; with Google Earth's VR app, you can explore some of the most iconic and breathtaking landscapes on the planet, zooming over entire continents at will.

PlatformHTC Vive


Samsung's experimental VuildUs software allows users to scan a room and plan out the interior design in virtual reality, placing furniture and fittings and changing colours. Although designed primarily for home users, it has real applications for architecture, planning and business - so much so that we gave it an award for best business software when it was debuted at MWC 2017.

PlatformSamsung Gear VR


As one of the most popular games ever made, it's no surprise that there's a VR version Minecraft. In fact, Oculus CTO John Carmack ported it to the device himself. Although it's technically a game, the sheer scale and versatility of Minecraft (particularly for areas like education) make it one of the most interesting pieces of VR software around.

PlatformOculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR
Price22.49 (Windows 10 edition)/4.99 (Gear VR edition)
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