Intel announces new 10th-gen ‘Comet Lake’ processors

Intel has today announced eight new mobile processors as part of its 10th-generation 'Comet Lake' architecture, boasting improved performance and features.

The newly-announced parts range from Core i3 to Core i7, with a maximum of six cores and a maximum boost clock of 4.9GHz at the top end. The lineup includes four U-Series chips, typically found in high-end ultrabooks such as the Dell XPS 13 and Apple MacBook Pro, and four lower-powered Y-Series chips, which are often used in more thermally-conservative fanless designs.

Intel claims that compared to the previous generation, the new chips will offer 16% better overall performance and 41% better productivity when using Microsoft Office 365, as well as faster memory support.

"Our 10th Gen Intel Core mobile processors provide customers with the industry-leading range of products that deliver the best balance of performance, features, power and design for their specific needs," said Chris Walker, Intel's corporate vice president and general manager of Mobility Client Platforms in the Client Computing Group.

"From multitasking to everyday content creation, the newest additions to the family scale performance for even higher levels of productivity in addition to offering best-in-class platform connectivity via Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3 that people expect with 10th-Gen."

Other new features introduced in Intel's 10th-gen processors include support for WPA3 authentication and AI-based performance optimisation software.


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ProcessorCores/threadsNominal/max TDPBase frequencyMax single-core turboMax all-core turbo
Core i7-10710U6/1215W/25W1.1GHz4.7GHz3.9GHz
Core i7-10510U4/815W/25W1.8GHz4.9GHz4.3GHz
Core i5-10210U4/815W/25W1.6GHz4.2GHz3.9GHz
Core i3-10110U2/415W/25W2.1GHz4.1GHz3.7GHz


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ProcessorCores/threadsMin/nominal/max TDPBase frequencyMax single-core turboMax all-core turbo
Core i7-10510Y4/84.5W/7W/9W1.2GHz4.5GHz3.2GHz
Core i5-10310Y4/85.5W/7W/9W1.1GHz4.1GHz2.8GHz
Core i5-10210Y4/84.5W/7W/9W1GHz4GHz2.7GHz
Core i3-10110Y2/45.5W/7W/9W1GHz4GHz2.7GHz



straight to 7nm

The new 10th-gen Comet Lake processors will be integrated into more than 90 devices by Intel's OEM partners, arriving in time for the end-of year holiday period.

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