IT Pro Podcast Special Edition: How laptops have changed in the last five years

IT Pro Podcast title card, reading, 'Special Edition: How laptops have changed in the last five years'

2017 feels like a way away. It was a time when Corona was just a brand of beer, and where the combination of Trump and Brexit seemed like the most significant events that could possibly occur.

A lot of things have changed since then, particularly in the world of technology. Laptops, for example, have advanced significantly in that time, and the ways in which they have evolved can tell us a lot about the changing nature of the workforce and how technology has adapted to fit those needs.

Dell Technologies solutions specialists Andy Bone and Jason Crawford joined us on a special edition of The IT Pro Podcast to take a dive into those transformations and what’s coming up next.

“The way that we work and interact with each other, and with our technology, has hugely changed,” says Bone. “We've obviously seen the big Zoom boom in recent times. So that definitely has had quite an impact. And it's what's going forward in the next five years [will matter just as much]. Because these years have changed us. And the future is going to be something else again.”

“Several years ago, just past that five year mark, we were actually looking at something called workforce transformation,” says Crawford. “We were looking at ways in which our technologies were going to develop to actually fit in with that transformation of the different workforce. We'd actually put people into different types of work user groups – some of those might be the fixed desks, users, the mobile users that were constantly touring around the globe. And then there were specialist users as well. It was basically trying to develop devices that actually enabled that workforce transformation.”

“With these latest developments, we've had to speed up the creation of our technologies and make sure that they meet the current demands, which obviously changed overnight,” added Bone.

To hear the full conversation, from changing and evolving laptop features to how the demands we place on them have changed, listen to the episode below:


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