Windows 11 Pro and CDW - Overcoming today's escalating cyberthreats

Whitepaper on overcoming today's escalating cyberthreats, with image of a laptop screen
(Image credit: Windows 11 | CDW)

Companies grapple with a complex threat landscape of phishing campaigns, ransomware viruses, and DDoS attacks.  Successful attacks rely on factors such as the type of technologies used by the campaign’s target, the level of IT knowledge, and the corporate network’s security posture. 

Security concerns cannot hinder business growth. This whitepaper provides an overview of the cybersecurity landscape and the growing diversity of work styles and environments. It then reveals how Windows 11 Pro devices proactively mitigate risk.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The three risk factors shaping the modern work environment
  • The multi-layered defensive strategies for modern businesses
  • Strategies to safeguard the future of work

Discover how you can increase productivity and collaboration.

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Provided by  Windows 11 Pro | CDW


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