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Silhouette of a team with people icons overlaid representing digital HR
digital transformation

Five digital transformation tips for HR

Digital transformation efforts can start from within your own department
27 May 2020
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What HR leaders need to know about their future right now

Discover how cloud helps you create a more talented agile workforce for your company
15 Nov 2019
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7 digital best practices for HR professionals

Don't leave anything to chance when your department goes digital
15 Nov 2019
Robot chatbot employees in a call centre powered by AI
artificial intelligence (AI)

Is a bot your next employee?

As AI continues to evolve rapidly, will bots become an essential part of your business' workforce?
31 Oct 2019
machine learning

Automating the end of discrimination

Tech tools such as AI and bots can help improve equality, but only if we humans build and use them the right way
8 Oct 2019
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Developing trust in your people data

Measuring the confidence of HR leaders in their data management practices
26 Sep 2019
Representation of RPA showing an office worker and robot having a conversation by a desk

NHS strikes robotics deal to automate back office functions

Two hospitals hope digitally transforming finance and HR functions will free up resources for front-line care
11 Mar 2019
machine learning

Amazon’s HR proves artificial intelligence is truly dumb

We don't know how neural networks see our world, and that's hilarious and scary
8 Dec 2018

App Maker gives end users a low-code way to automate tasks

LoB users can build their own apps to fill holes missed by traditional CRM and HCM
15 Jun 2018
cognitive technology

Satya Nadella: Microsoft will build ethical AI

Microsoft chief says ethics must be taken seriously as AI begins to change society
23 May 2018
human resources (HR) software

Best HR software

We round up the best HR tools, including software and mobile apps to keep on top of the HR in your organisation
10 May 2018

Save the Children: How cloud helps in disaster zones

Charity's head of IT deploys cloud to mobilise quickly in humanitarian disasters
21 Mar 2018
Smartphones pile
Mobile Phones

Smartphone sales around the world to remain weak this year

Annual growth only 2.8%, down from an expected 5%, says market analyst TrendForce
13 Feb 2018
Business operations

Amazon faces €10m fine

French government claims unfair contracts drive many sellers to bankruptcy
18 Dec 2017