HPE wins networking contract with Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The poster for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games outside the Library of Birmingham

HPE has won a contract to provide network connectivity to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will help connect the event’s workforce, volunteers, and athletes.

Aruba, a HPE company, is set to provide advanced networking technology to help the Birmingham 2022 hybrid workforce ensure the event is a success, by connecting headquarters, the Technical Operations Centre, and all other venues.

The networking company will deploy programmable edge-to-cloud technology, using Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. It said this will deliver AI-driven security and management in the cloud through Aruba Central to connect, protect, and analyse events and requests that come in across the network. It's hoped this will help IT teams identify potential threats before they have a chance to affect the event.

Aruba said its technology will also support the distribution of the results to press and broadcasters, and it has committed to work with local authorities and Birmingham 2022 to ensure that on-site equipment is made available to the community once the event is over.

“Aruba, using their expertise as part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, are the ideal company to provide a complex and flexible network connection, enabling a seamless experience for our workforce, volunteers and athletes,” said Adrian Corcoran, chief information officer at Birmingham 2022. “This is such an integral part of Birmingham 2022 and we’re confident Aruba will help us bring the Games to life.”

This isn’t the first time HPE has provided its technology to the sports industry, as in July 2017 Tottenham Hotspur chose the company as its official IT networking and wireless infrastructure partner for its new stadium. With Aruba, the club hoped to enable connectivity across the entire venue for visitors and flexibility to cater for future demands, especially as the stadium was still being built meaning the technology was part of the design of the building.

In November 2018, Aruba was chosen by the Ryder Cup to manage its vast network, winning out due to the flexibility and adaptability of its infrastructure, according to the competition's organisers. The network covered over 85 football pitches, comprised 700 access points, and 200 kilometres of fibre.

Zach Marzouk

Zach Marzouk is a former ITPro, CloudPro, and ChannelPro staff writer, covering topics like security, privacy, worker rights, and startups, primarily in the Asia Pacific and the US regions. Zach joined ITPro in 2017 where he was introduced to the world of B2B technology as a junior staff writer, before he returned to Argentina in 2018, working in communications and as a copywriter. In 2021, he made his way back to ITPro as a staff writer during the pandemic, before joining the world of freelance in 2022.