Miku to install contact-free respiratory monitors in health care facilities

Miku, the maker of the industry’s leading contact-free baby monitor that tracks a baby’s breathing, movements and sleeping, has joined the coronavirus battle.

In an effort to protect frontline workers and ICU patients, the company has launched an accelerated nationwide program to equip hospitals with its real-time respiration-monitoring system based on its baby-monitor tech.

Miku’s technology allows healthcare workers to track respiratory patterns with absolute accuracy without direct patient contact, minimizing caregiver-to-patient interaction and exposure to the virus. Further, Miku's two-way talk functionality provides healthcare workers and patients with real-time communication without risk of exposure.

Currently, Mission Hospital of Mission Viejo, CA, Central Alabama's Baptist Health System and New York's Montefiore Health System use Miku monitors.

Baptist Health Public Relations Director, Kadie Agnew shared in the press release, “Baptist Health is now equipped with a new and innovative monitoring system. This advanced technology allows our caregivers to safely observe COVID-19 positive patients and those patients who are under investigation for COVID-19 or another highly contagious illness. This gift provides a priceless peace of mind."

Miku developed its Smart Baby Monitor to help parents their baby’s breathing and sleeping patterns via the company’s patented SensorFusion technology. With a need for contactless tech during the outbreak, it’s no surprise Miku would repurpose this high-tech monitor to fight the coronavirus.

"As Miku's Chief Medical Advisor, I cannot wait to see the brand's unrivaled technology employed in healthcare and assisted living facilities," shared Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann.

Now that the company has identified additional uses for its monitor, Miku is exploring how it can assist those faced with sleep apnea, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, COPD and other respiratory issues.