Comcast extends coronavirus response policies through June 30

Comcast will continue waiving late fees, providing unlimited data and offering free access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots

As shelter-in-place orders remain in effect for communities nationwide, Comcast has announced it will extend its commitments to Xfinity customers through June 30. These commitments range from waived data caps to access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots for nonsubscribers. 

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Previously announced on March 13, Comcast will continue waiving late fees on Xfinity internet, mobile and voice services. The company has also put in place a number of care teams. If a customer can’t pay their bill, these care teams can provide flexible payment options. 

Comcast has also committed to keeping service connected for customers unable to pay at this time and will continue to provide low-income customers with complimentary access to its Internet Essentials plan through the end of June. 

Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots located in businesses and outdoor locations across the country will remain free to those who require them through June 30. This offer is for subscribers and nonsubscribers alike.

Further, with many working remotely and participating in distance education, Comcast has also put a pause on data plan caps. In hopes of curbing any stress related to internet access and data plans while working and going to school remotely, Comcast will continue providing its customers with unlimited data at no additional charge. 

“These extended measures will continue to keep Americans safe and ensure that households are equipped for students to learn and stay informed at home as the nation copes with this unprecedented disruption to our daily lives,” Dave Watson, Comcast Cable CEO shared. “Our services have never been more important, and we’re doing everything we can to keep people connected to the internet.”

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