IT Pro Live: Fighting terrorism with technology

Technology can be a tremendous force for good, but it can also be turned to evil ends in the wrong hands. In this Q&A, we talk to Tech Against Terrorism director Adam Hadley about how bad actors are using technology to accomplish their goals, and what businesses can do to understand and prevent these actions.

Adam Shepherd

Reviews and Community Editor, IT Pro

As reviews and community editor, Adam is responsible for coordinating all of the hardware and software reviews across IT Pro, Cloud Pro and Channel Pro, from laptops and smartphones, all the way up to enterprise-grade data centre servers and network management software. He also runs the IT Pro Panel, a flagship initiative which sees CIOs and tech leaders from the likes of Dominos, Oxfam and GoCompare sharing their experience and insight with the IT Pro community.

Adam Hadley

Director, Tech Against Terrorism

Adam Hadley is the CEO of London-based data science consultancy QuantSpark and executive director of Tech Against Terrorism, a public-private partnership launched by the tech sector and the UN Security Council in 2017.


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