iPhone 6 release facing delays after screen blunder

Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 release could be delayed following a disruption to the production of screens for the new device, claims Reuters.

The new iPhone was expected to be widely released in September, but it is now being reported this could be pushed back due to the production problems.

Alternatively, the phone could get a more limited release with fewer devices initially available to customers.

A key component has to be redesigned, it is being said, and this has caused problems for suppliers.

Sources claim the delay is being caused by the backlight, which Apple demanded be cut to a single layer (with the standard being two layers) in pursuit of an even thinner handset.

When the thinner backlight was devised, however, it was deemed too dim and thus Apple had to go back to their initial plans.

Suppliers are now working to get production back on track, but the move could mean the planned release date is not met.

Apple's lofty plans for the iPhone 6 screen have been widely reported, with the company's investment in Liquidmetal and sapphire previously revealed.

This was to improve both appearance and durability, with the phone's glass cover given potassium and sodium ion treatments to make it shock and damage-proof.

The iPhone 6 will be released in two different sizes: one 4.7-inch phone and a 5.5-inch 'phablet'.

These were previously believed to be ready for launch at Apple's media event on 9 September, though it is unclear whether those plans are still in place.

Caroline Preece

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