Is Pokemon Go about to get VR integration?

Pokemon Go could be getting a virtual reality (VR) upgrade, with a mention of Google Cardboard features in the game's licenses page spotted by an eagle-eyed fan.

Discovered by the PokeSteal fan page on Twitter (via 9to5Google), the page cites Google Cardboard as one Open Source Software that went into the making of the augmented reality smartphone game. Currently, however, the game does not offer any features that could be used with Google's VR viewer.

This indicates that an upcoming update would involve VR integration of some kind a shift from the real-world interaction the game currently requires. With VR in the mix, users could theoretically play while stationary.

The game in its current form allows users to find and catch Pokemon based on physical location in the world. In-game items can also be re-filled by visiting 'PokeStops'.

Despite its success, Pokemon Go has been marred by various security issues and opportunistic attacks from hackers and real-world criminals alike. This week alone has revealed that the game has been gaining full access to some users' Google accounts, a fake app has been masquerading as the real game downloading malware onto victims' phones, and robbers have used it to lure gamers to secluded areas in orderto steal from them.

In this regard, while removing much of the social element from gameplay (which has arguably been one reason behind the viral success of the game), VR integration could sidestep some safety issues.

Following the robbery, a statement posted by O'Fallon Police Department's Facebook page said: "If you use this app (or other similar type apps) or have children that do we ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location."

Caroline Preece

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