The IT Pro Podcast: Building 5G networks with cloud

The IT Pro Podcast: Building 5G networks with cloud

As technological innovations go, 5G is possibly one of the most widely-hyped examples of the last decade. Promising to enable everything from smart cities to rural broadband, it’s been hailed as a generational leap forward for connectivity. But what role does cloud have to play in this utopian future?

In this week’s episode of the IT Pro Podcast, we talk to Eric van Vliet. Dell's EMEA head of telecom market development, to find out how cloud platforms are supporting the development and rollout of 5G infrastructure, and how 5G can accelerate the creation of new cloud services.


“When you talk about 5G, a lot of the telcos will talk about non-standalone 5G, which is all about getting that 5G signal to your phone. And then standalone 5G, which means it's actually a complete 5G network with much more 5G capabilities running into their core network. So I think from a geographic perspective, in the Western world, definitely the majority of countries now have that non-standalone 5G, so leveraging all they've done in 4G, but getting a 5g signal, benefiting from better, wider coverage, with more devices.”

“Because of the nature of a mobile network, now, you really have your users disaggregated all over the all over the country, for example, so that service that you're offering to your customer now has to be able to work anywhere, which means that you have to deal with running your clouds - and this is where hybrid cloud really comes in - running your cloud both on a central location where your core applications work, your billing, your support systems, but then the other services, they'll get disaggregated on your cloud into the network.”

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