Samsung Galaxy S21 may drop charger and earphones

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 might come without the charger or earphones included in the box, much like Apple did with the iPhone 12.

Apple stated it eliminated the iPhone 12’s in-box accessories for environmental purposes, but there was no noticeable price reduction for the new smartphone compared to previous releases. Excluding the charger and earphones has enabled Apple to increase its margins, giving Samsung the green light to follow this precedent.

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When Apple initially announced it would drop the charger and earphones from the iPhone 12, Samsung’s social media team joined others online in making fun of the decision. New reports from Korea now indicate that the company might follow Apple’s lead to bolster its bottom line, though some insiders have claimed the Samsung Galaxy S21 may include the charger but no earphones.

For devices that support 45-watt charging, Samsung requires customers to purchase a separate charger to take advantage of the fastest charging speeds. The company does, however, include a 25-watt charger with its new smartphones.

Samsung did drop the AKG USB-C earphones with its Galaxy Note 20. However, if you purchase a Note 20, you can reach out to customer service and get the free earphones.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed if it’ll reduce the Galaxy S21’s price if it ships without the accompanying charger and earphones.

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