Samsung to support enterprise devices with five years of Android updates

Two Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series devices beside one another
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The enterprise editions of Samsung’s most popular smartphone models will benefit from five years of guaranteed Android operating system updates.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices will receive five years of firmware updates, either monthly or quarterly, to ensure an organisation’s fleet is safeguarded against the latest threats and updated with the latest tools, the company has announced.

This extended support duration applies from the launch dates of the Galaxy S20 and S21 series, Note 20 series and XCover 5 smartphones, as well as the Tab Active 3 tablet models.

This comes alongside three years of enhanced support, with the firm’s Business Services Centre providing technical support and advice when required. Should devices need replacement, Samsung will also operate a next business day replacement service.

For all other models sold under the Enterprise Edition banner, security and maintenance will be available, but for only four years.

The update programme is aimed at business clients seeking a sense of longevity from the mobile phones purchased for use in the workplace, with extended support aiming to protect users against malware and phishing threats.

The programme would also allow IT administrators to control how frequently devices are patched, with certain Android updates even held back if necessary, should certain widely-used apps face compatibility issues, for example.


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Many Android devices tend to benefit from a maximum of three years of Android support, such as the Google Pixel 4a which benefits from at least three years of updates. Brands like OnePlus also offer three years of updates in its smartphones, while Samsung, until recently, offered two years of support for its flagship devices.

Apple’s iPhone handsets, by contrast, enjoy massively prolonged support through iOS and security updates in both consumer and enterprise-oriented variants. Phones as old as the iPhone 6s, released six years ago, will benefit from the forthcoming release of iOS 15, for example.

Keumars Afifi-Sabet

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