The future of hybrid communication is calling

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The initial race to remote working was unpredictable and unavoidable. Since then, ways of working have moved on – many organisations are now retracing their steps to understand how to navigate current employee challenges and deliver an optimal hybrid workplace.

83% of employees see hybrid as an ideal way of working. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have facilitated this flexibility, but what happens when they need to make an external phone call?

By adding voice services to Microsoft Teams, organisations can provide teams with a complete communications solution that connects every employee with their peers and clients, ensuring a seamless experience no matter the device. With BT, putting your calls in the cloud comes with the advantage of an established global network.

This paper, explores:

  • communication requirements in the hybrid workplace
  • what makes for a successful cloud-based approach to hybrid work
  • the benefits of adding voice services to Teams environments
  • moving legacy voice services over to Microsoft Teams
  • how BT can support you with the transition
  • the sustainability advantages of cloud-based communication.
  • Learn how adding voice services to Teams could transform your workplace.

This paper has been republished with permission of BT. Source publication.

Provided by  BT


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