NETGEAR offers VPN support for branch offices and remote workers

Woman on a computer with NETGEAR's new VPN overlaying the image

NETGEAR has announced an add-on service for its Orbi Pro Series business Wi-Fi router mesh systems (SRK 60 and SXK 80).

Dubbed Insight Business VPN, the new service lets small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) extend corporate networks to branch offices and employees' homes via an always-on virtual private network (VPN).

Secure and centrally managed, the solution utilizes the same service set identifier (SSID) at the headquarters and remote sites, easing administrative burden.

“The Orbi Pro units at the remote and home sites, once powered on, connect the employees to the headquarters using the same corporate SSID, while performing standard Orbi Pro home router and WiFi functions. The connection is encrypted and persistent, requires no repeated authentication, and provides the equivalent level of security and user experience as if the employee was working from a HQ location,” explained NETGEAR.

Orbi Pro routers (SXR80 and SRR60) serve as prerequisite hardware for establishing the virtual private network (VPN) tunnels within the headquarters and at remote offices. An intuitive web GUI within Business VPN makes it easy to administer VPN access on a group/department level, monitor VPN access for remote employees and branch offices, generate performance reports, and more.

According to NETGEAR, its Insight Business VPN solution is ideally suited for managed service providers (MSPs) supporting multi-site and remote networks.


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Insight Business VPN also comes with a 30-day free trial. Existing SXK80 and SRK60 Orbi Pro systems users can enable the service by installing the latest firmware on their systems.

“In the big shift to work-from-home, we’ve seen many challenges for the remote workforce, including security concerns and declining employee productivity levels due to unreliable access to company applications and networked systems, and storage,” said Douglas Cheung, senior product line manager at NETGEAR.

Cheung added, “NETGEAR Insight Business VPN tackles these concerns with a secured and persistent connection, running on Orbi Pro, a high performance business WiFi mesh system, all the while providing a seamless experience equivalent to that of working at the headquarters.”