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The best UK coding and app development courses

Use your time at home to get the skills needed to get a better job
29 Jun 2020
professional development

2019's highest-paying IT certifications

We take a look at the most lucrative certifications and assess what difference these will make to your CV
1 Apr 2019
Careers & training

A look at some of the UK's best digital skills initiatives

We take a look at the programmes attempting to bridge the UK's growing skills gap
30 Jan 2019
amazon building
Business strategy

New York and Virginia win Amazon headquarters locations

$5 billion to be invested in the new sites, creating more than 50,000 jobs
14 Nov 2018
powering digital skills
Careers & training

IoC launches £2.3m initiative to boost digital skills

Up to ten groups will benefit if they can present clear ideas to boost education and plug industry shortages
30 Aug 2018
job searching
Careers & training

Google brings its job search tool to the UK

Jobseekers will be able to scan vacancy salaries and more in their search results before applying
18 Jul 2018
Careers & training

Dropping ICT from curriculum 'will worsen UK's skills gap'

Phasing out ICT subject in favour of Computer Science will harm girls, poorer pupils and ethnic minorities, report warns
18 Jun 2018
chief information officer (CIO)

IT Pro Panel: How CIOs got their first breaks in IT

It may seem like a simple pathway from the outside, but a CIO's first taste of IT comes in many different forms
15 Jun 2018
Careers & training

Tech Talent Charter targets 500 signatories with £100k boost

New cash will help initiative reach more firms via regional events, and produce its first report
15 Jun 2018
Careers & training

The 10 worst excuses for male-dominated company boards

Hampton-Alexander Review brands firms' excuses as "pitiful and patronising"
31 May 2018
Careers & training

Tech Talent Charter reaches milestone of 200 signatures

Organisation is now touring UK to help SMBs and startups attract more women in tech
17 Apr 2018
professional development

Why CIOs should encourage staff to network with their peers

Networking can benefit IT teams beyond simply 'levelling up'
13 Apr 2018
public sector

UK government to sign Tech Talent Charter to boost diversity

The charter aims to tackle the gender imbalance in the tech workforce
31 Jan 2018
Careers & training

What does professional development look like for CIOs?

Just because you've reached the top doesn't mean there's nothing left to learn
2 Aug 2017