Met Police rolls out Taser body cameras

Police on patrol

The Metropolitan Police has revealed it will start rolling out Taser's Axon Body 2 cameras to all its frontline police officers to secure their safety and reduce complaints from the public.

The body-worn cameras will enable police to record events at incidents, which will lead to creating a community of "smarter, more transparent policing." Taser said.

"This is a hugely exciting moment for both Taser and its Axon technology platform," TASER CEO and founder Rick Smith said. "We're beyond thrilled to be pushing new boundaries forward with one of the largest and most well respected police forces in the world."

The company explained its Axon platform is now the most widely used body camera and digital evidence management solution in law enforcement, giving police officers the peace of mind that they are protected when they attend call-outs and developing trust from citizens involved in crime - both victims and criminals.

The full-scale rollout follows a pilot scheme where 1000 units were deployed to police over a 12-month period. The study reported a 33 per cent reduction in complaints against officers.

"I'm delighted that we will be able to press ahead with the roll-out of this technology. For too long our equipment has lagged behind the technology almost everyone has in their pockets to capture events as they unfold, said Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, Commissioner of the Metropolitan added.

"Soon, more of our officers will be able to make a record of the very challenging circumstances they are asked to deal with on a daily basis and then demonstrate, more effectively, the reality of policing our capital."

Neither the Metropolitan Police nor Taser revealed further information about the technology being used or details of the contract, which is still being finalised.

This latest development shows the Metropolitan Police is pushing forward on its plans to make the force the world's most transparent police force, with other suggestions it will be using tablets to transform frontline policing and modernising its infrastructure with the eradication of aged systems.

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