Office 365 Power BI app launched for Windows mobile

Office 365 logo in orange against a white background

Office 365 users can now get business intelligence insights from Microsoft's cloud-based productivity offering direct to their Windows mobile-powered tablet, the company has announced.

The new app uses Microsoft's Power BI offering and, the organisation claims, will allow Office 365 users to stay connected to their favourite reports while on the move.

"The Power BI mobile app allows you to view and stay connected to multiple live reports from Office 365 from your Windows tablet," the company said.

"Tag your favourite reports in the Power BI Site in Office 365 and have them appear in the mobile app or browse and discover new Office 365 reports from your tablet," it added.

The app also features sharing functionality and users can browse all their reports in the Office 365 cloud.

The app will run on Windows mobile tablets with x86, x64 and ARM processors. It is currently only available in international and US English.

The Power BI app is available immediately, however it does require a paid-for Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 subscription before it can be used.

The news comes just days after the Redmond giant announced Office 365 had an average of 99.965 per cent uptime over the past four quarters, between June 2012 and June 2013.

Rajesh Jha, who leads the Office 365 engineering team, said in a blog post: "We recognise that productivity apps are mission critical; using them is how work gets done.

"While information has been available in detail for our current customers ... we're [now] making this information available to all customers considering Office 365."

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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