The IT Pro Podcast: What’s next for cloud security?

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Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure has become such an important aspect of digital transformation, but it brings its own potential risks. It’s important that businesses maintain a macro view of their environment, with centralised dashboards proposed as an option to provide adequate observability to security teams.

With the increasing pressures of data sovereignty, and concerns surrounding lateral security, it’s more important than ever that siloed teams are brought together under clear security strategies in order to keep infrastructure safe.

This week, we spoke to Stanimir Markov, CEO and co-founder of risk remediation and mitigation provider Runecast, about the state of cloud security, some of the biggest challenges right now, and what’s next for the sector.


“Of course, it will be for each individual organisation they will have some specific tasks they have to accomplish, but the overall path is the same really. Just to discover what they have, think about the strategy, what should be in the cloud and which cloud exactly, and what should be on-prem? And to agree on a common toolset, that spans across public clouds and on-prem, so that they don't end up with multiple silos of tens of different tools.”

“This traditional approach with AI certainly, vendors should be careful with it to implement it in such a way that doesn't create additional noise for customers. Because then it defeats the purpose of why it's actually there.”

“In the various clouds and cloud services that customers are using, really having a solution which can give them continuous auditing and monitoring, making sure that only minimum required privileges are assigned to all the users that need to have access to specific services, this is something that a lot of customers are really not paying enough attention to.”

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