VMware Explore: Reaping cloud rewards

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Not so long ago, the public cloud boom was in full swing and businesses were moving workloads in numbers thanks to its reputation for low costs and scalability. 

Today, many businesses have reassessed the size or scope of their public cloud investment. While the benefits of the public cloud remain clear, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud have their attractive qualities with some organizations choosing to entirely repatriate to a private cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

The moves come as businesses face an uncertain cloud landscape. Many in the IT sector are battling skill shortages or struggling to convince stakeholders to spend money on cloud resources. Faced with these challenges, they are seeking ways to alleviate these challenges and get a return on investment from their cloud strategy.

Recorded live at VMware Explore, Rory is joined by Martin Hosken, chief technologist EMEA at VMware, to discuss FinOps, shifting cloud strategy, and just what the benefits of cloud repatriation are.


“If you take an application from one place, and move it and run it in another place, the functionality of that application doesn't change. So to get business value, to get a return on investment, you have to modernize applications. What many organizations have found is moving an existing application is easy, but actually mobilizing these applications to take advantage of cloud capabilities is expensive.”

“Developers have a reputation for never switching anything off. So you build three or four test environments for your new application. And they will run for five years, and no one would even think about it. Maybe every month that’s a couple of hundred dollars, but when you start accumulating multiple environments, multiple applications it will get very, very expensive.”

“In the last cloud era, the last 10 years, it's all been about agility. Building things quickly, going to market quickly, expanding elasticity and most of the benefits of cloud. The next video is going to be about business value it’s going to be about sustainability, digital sovereignty, and legislative controls.”



Rory Bathgate
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